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DEVIN TOWNSEND Streamed Second At-Home Show & Raised $81,000 For The NHS

Live Footage

DEVIN TOWNSEND Streamed Second At-Home Show & Raised $81,000 For The NHS

One more show is happening on May 2.

Devin Townsend streaming his second of three at-home shows over the weekend, and you can watch the whole thing above. The livestream also doubled as a fundraiser for the National Health Service, which Townsend raises $81,000 for.

…Ah, the 'out of synch' thing that happened in the live stream was super disheartening… =/ but here it is 'synched up' after the fact with just a stereo board mix. Thanks for participating, at last count, it looks like this concert has raised about 81,000 USD for the NHS in the UK. One more concert next week, then I can think about some other things =) …audio download will be available on Monday.

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The third and last show in this series will be coming Saturday, May 2nd – Noon PDT / 20:00 BST / 05:00 AEST
Get your tickets here:

Omerch have also made some special t-shirts for this series of shows. You can pick one up in either green or white, here:

1:34 – Storm
6:07 – Hyperdrive
10:01 – Almost Again (Live for the third time ever)
13:39 – Stormbending
19:24 – ZTO
21:20 – March of the Poozers
27:08 – Bastard
37:05 – Genesis
46:20 – Kingdom

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