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DETHLEHEM "Oathbound" Music Video Premiere

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DETHLEHEM "Oathbound" Music Video Premiere

Mastodon aren't the only ones who can LARP (live action role play). Drummer Overlord Brom had this to say about the video:

“When Dethlehem is left to its own devices, we are capable of creating uncomfortable videos that are only supposed to make a sliver of sense.”

Singer Brutalitus The Bloodbeard added:

“This album is so epic, not even George R.R. Martin can kill it. Even Jesus rescheduled his second coming so he wouldn’t be overshadowed by its release date!”

Video created by Dethlehem Media in association with Eyes to the Sky Films. The new album, Destroyers of the Realm, comes out January 6, 2015! Check out their Bandcamp page.

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