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DETHEROUS Implements Their "Gruesome Tools of Torture" On New Song

About being surgically dismembered.

Detherous will release their new record Unrelenting Malevolence on November 11 and is now streaming the horrifically disgusting new single "Gruesome Tools Of Torture." The song is about surgical dismemberment without anesthesia, because maximum suffering is clearly the only option when it comes to death metal. It certainly helps that the song sonically fits the lyrics.

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"The lyrical concept for this song is about being surgically ripped apart and dismembered while being forced to remain alive with no anesthesia throughout the entire procedure," said Detherous' Damon MacDonald. "The lyrics obviously come from a horror influence; most of the lyrics from the album do. But this one, specifically, we thought was pretty gruesome, hence the name.

"We have never made a music video before, so when we approached it, we wanted to keep it fairly simplistic and leaning more towards how we are as a live band and trying to capture the energy of how we are on stage for those who haven't been able to see us live yet. A big thanks to Site B Productions and Chase Hamilton for getting this video together for us."

Unrelenting Malevolence is available here on Bandcamp and here via Redefining Darkness.

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