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Take a look back at a Deftones classic.


DEFTONES Around The Fur 20th Anniversary Mini-Documentary

Take a look back at a Deftones classic.

Deftones album Around The Fur was released on October 28, 1997, which vocalist Chino Moreno tells Revolver he feels really separated the band from its nü metal peers at the time. The band doesn't seem to be doing an anniversary tour for the album, but it did launch a pretty cool line of merchandise for the album and a documentary! You can check out the line, which features some shirts, a hat, and a jacket right here, and check out the mini-documentary launched by Revolver regarding the album below. It's a bit of a shorter documentary, but you'll definitely learn a lot in its seven-minute runtime.

It's probably also worth mentioning that Deftones also launched a Rambo-inspired line of merchandise recently too, which looks super badass.

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