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David Lee Roth Crashes Hotel Party Blasting VAN HALEN; Bros Have No Idea Who He Is

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David Lee Roth was staying at a hotel and overheard a room next to him was blasting Van Halen, so he thought it would be really funny to surprise the assumed fans of the band. But, when he knocked on the door, the party frats had no idea who he was.

“We heard some Van Halen here and my name is David Lee Roth! And I’m right across the hallway!” said Roth and the dude was like oh cool, cameras! More dudes came out and nobody knew who the fuck Roth was. Commenters to the video presume these were all attendees of the Electric Daisy Carnival, a huge EDM festival and they probably didn't even realize they were playing Van Halen.

Posted by Metal Injection on May 30, 2019 at 4:08 pm

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