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Darkane 2022

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DARKANE Unleashes Brutal New Single "Awakening"

We really missed this band.

Darkane is now streaming their brutal new single "Awakening," which trades in some of the more classic melodic death metal hallmarks for a more vicious approach. Especially that rhythmic changeup around the 3:30 mark – what a killer bit of writing. It's also another great example of why Darkane was so great, and why it's important that they're back!

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"This is a really heavy track that is inspired by old classic death metal," said Darkane. "It stands out as a different kind of song than our 'usual' stuff, but at the same time represents the heaviness from previous albums. It also brings some rhythmic chugging to the table that has been a trademark over the years for us. Lyrically, the song is about the descent into the darkest places of a deranged mind."

Inhuman Spirits is out on June 24. The album was mixed and mastered by vocalist Lawrence Mackrory at Rorysound Studios and features artwork created by Mathias Blom / The Happy Creative. Pre-orders are available here.

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