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DARK CASTLE live at Saint Vitus Bar, Dec

Live Footage

DARK CASTLE live at Saint Vitus Bar, Dec. 4th, 2017 (FULL SET)

Check out Max Volume Silence Live, video by Frank Huang.

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Author & Punisher, Kat Katz + Andy Gibbs from Thou, Nervosa, Oathbreaker and more.

Show Recap

You may not have heard of Yob, even as a fan of doom you might not have known half of the bands on the...

Attention, Stoners:

Put down the joint for a second and add the proper date to your calendar. The ultra-doomy Yob and Dark Castle will be touring...

Tour Dates

Can I get a Fuck Yes? As we predicted on the Livecast last night, Nachtmystium are going out on a headlining tour! On the...