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CYNIC Drops Beautiful New Song "Diamond Light Body"

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CYNIC Drops Beautiful New Song "Diamond Light Body"

Ascend as necessary.

Cynic is now streaming their new song "Diamond Light Body" off their brand new record Ascension Codes featuring the trio of drummer Matt Lynch (Trioscapes), guitarist and vocalist Paul Masvidal, Lynch, and keyboardist Dave Mackay. The "Diamond Light Body" music video features artwork by artists Martina Hoffmann and Robert Venosa, and design and animations by Randy Gaul and Jonatan Martinez (the latter worked with Masvidal on the Mythical Human Vessel trilogy).

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Elsewhere on Ascension Codes are DARK (Roopam Garg) as the "'code worker' on the album, providing harmonic, harp-like guitar textures," former Cynic guitarist and vocalist Max Phelps providing "holographic-reptilian-voices", vocalist Anrita Melchizedek, vocalist Ezekiel Kaplan, Michael Devin on crystal bowls, and Australian guitarist Plini playing guest solos on "The Winged Ones".

Ascension Codes is available here in Euorpe and here via Season of Mist.

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Completed by frequent Cynic producer Warren Riker.