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CRYPTA Brings Only Death In New Song "From The Ashes"

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CRYPTA Brings Only Death In New Song "From The Ashes"

Featuring ex-members of Nervosa.

Crypta, the band featuring ex-Nervosa bassist Fernanda Lira and drummer Luana Dametto alongside guitarists Sonia Anubis (Cobra Spell, exx-Burning Witches) and TainĂ¡ Bergamaschi (Ex-Hagbard), are slated to release their debut album Echoes Of The Soul on June 11. The band is now streaming their deadly new single "From The Ashes" alongside a very bleak music video.

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"The song is basically about the well-known tale of the phoenix, but in a more philosophical sense," said Lira. "It talks about the ever-changing cycles of life, about the many endings and beginnings we have to go through, about how many old versions of ourselves need to figuratively die in order for us to keep growing and evolving as human beings, and finally, about building resilience to endure all these rebirths."

Pre-orders are available here.

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