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CRO-MAGS Streams "Between Wars" Video

Cro-Mags, the one featuring bassist and vocalist Harley Flanagan, recently released their first new album in 20 years In the Beginning. The band is now streaming their music video for "Between Wars", which features footage from the upcoming film Between Wars featuring Flanagan and The Sopranos star Michael Imperioli.

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"This song was a lot of fun to work on as it gave me a chance to do something completely different," said Flanagan. "I recorded the song with just bass and drums, followed by all the arpeggiated guitar parts, and eventually I added the cellos and did Hungarian-style throat singing. I was inspired to add the cellos when I first heard Carlos 'Lamont' Cooper playing in the NYC subway where he plays to make a living. Turns out he's an ex-gangbanger from NJ who has had a hard life and although we have had very different experiences, we have a lot of things in common; PTSD will do that."

"Harley’s involvement and performance in Between Wars is organic, natural and necessary," added Imperioli. "He fit into the role like a glove. The life experience he brings to the project is authentic and true and he made us all raise our games."

Order a copy of In the Beginning here.

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