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Country Musician JASON HAWK HARRIS Releases Corpse Paint Music Video "Cussing At The Light"

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Country musician Jason Hawk Harris used to be in hardcore band Dead Icons. Now he's doing his own thing under his own name, but he hasn't quite dropped the metal tendencies. Harris' new song "Cussing At The Light" features very non-metal music and very metal corpse paint.

Harris tells Rolling Stone that he likes juxtaposing things that usually don't mix, and director Stanley Sievers agreed with his vision.

“I’ve always loved strange juxtapositions. The director of the video came back and was like, ‘I have this weird idea where, since it’s a country song, why don’t we have the actors dress in corpse paint?’ Immediately I was like, ‘Yes, this guy’s got it.'”

Harris' new album Love & The Dark is out August 23.

Posted by on June 21, 2019 at 2:43 pm

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