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COHEED & CAMBRIA Joined by RICK SPRINGFIELD for "Jessie's Girl 2"

Yes, this is a sequel to "Jessie's Girl".

Rick Springfield released his hit song "Jessie's Girl" in 1981. Now in 2020, Coheed & Cambria are joined by Springfield himself for a sequel to the track aptly titled "Jessie's Girl 2". The song was originally a semi-placeholder for real lyrics while Coheed was in the studio in 2019, but then grew into a full-on track.

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"The genesis of 'Jessie’s Girl 2' dates back to Coheed and Cambria studio sessions from 2019, when the band began riffing on an idea as Sanchez extemporaneously sang the hook from Springfield’s 1981 Billboard Hot 100 #1 smash. A germ of an idea was planted as Sanchez pondered, 'what if a band created a sequel for a song that wasn’t originally theirs?'

"After fleshing out new lyrics and tinkering with the concept (even considering a future album of likeminded material called Sequels), the band revisited the idea during their time spent at home quarantining during the COVID-19 pandemic, and Sanchez pitched the idea to Springfield on IG Live. As the song started coming together, they sent it off to Springfield and upon hearing it, the legendary singer agreed to pick up where he left off almost forty years ago, and feature on the song."

The song is available on 7" vinyl.

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