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COHEED & CAMBRIA Approves Of This "Delirium Trigger" Death Metal Cover

Thanks, Hideous Divinity.

Hideous Divinity just released their new Alien-inspired EP LV-426, which closes out with a death metal cover of Coheed & Cambria's 2002 track "Delirium Trigger". Coheed caught wind of the cover and seemingly approve, though they do seem a little confused.

Here's what Hideous Divinity had to say about the cover.

"In 2002 Coheed And Cambria wrote a beautiful song… about Aliens. You’ll find our version slightly different. Melodies became dissonances, clean singing became growling and screaming, but somehow everything fits perfectly. Oh, and there’s even a duet with piano and blastbeats courtesy of the maestro Tommy Bonnevialle.

"The song turned into the coolest experiment ever, therefore we might do it again in the future. Enjoy!"

LV-426 is available here.

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