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CHOKE Streams Grinding New Single "Lust For Death"

Two minutes of grind.

Choke will release their new record Desiphon on September 16, and is now streaming the blindingly pissed-off new single "Lust For Death." The single clocks in at a whopping two minutes long and is nothing short of an absolute fucking beatdown.

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"The inspiration behind the song-and for the greater theme of the EP overall- deals with the idea of taking the ills of the world, be it terrible people, or the vile aspects of humanity, and returning them to the earth to start over again. Lust is a pretty pissed off song," said guitarist Caleb Cheslock.

"In a way, to put it briefly it's a 'what goes around comes around'- the scum of the earth will get what they deserve. More specifically, 'Lust for Death' is rooted from the idea of someone wanting to end their life as a result of living in an existence full of pain and suffering, but being incapable of inflicting death upon themself. They find that their fate is at the hands of a homicidal maniac set on killing them whilst having pleasure possessing power and control.

"It's very much a metaphor for the world we live in, so many of us just want to live a good life and go about our ways, but oftentimes terrible people get in the way of that."

Pre-order Desiphon here.

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