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Plus Razor, Choke, City Of Caterpillar & more!

Slaughter To Prevail 2022

No matter if you're commuting to work an hour away, or commuting from your bed to the home office, we can all agree that getting up and dealing with those first groggy hours sucks. We're here to make it suck less with our ongoing playlist The Commute, which brings you all the best new metal every Monday morning. The concept behind the Commute in terms of inclusion of artists is simple – all releases from each artist are represented by one single. So if you've got a new album and an EP, you're on there twice (etc.). The reasoning behind this is to include as many artists for you to discover as possible without overloading the playlist. Enjoy!

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This week's Commute playlist includes the first new music from Razor and City Of Caterpillar in ver 20 years each, standalone singles from Slaughter To Prevail, Sylosis, and Pijn, and some pissed off grinding death metal from Choke. Check it out below!

  1. "1984" by Slaughter To Prevail, which so far is a standalone single.
  2. "Heavy Is The Crown" by Sylosis, which so far is a standalong single.
  3. "Castrum Doloris" by Black Anvil, off their coming record Regenesis due out October 30.
  4. "Flames Of Hatred" by Razor, off their coming record Cycle Of Contempt due out September 23.
  5. "Weave In" by Pijn, which so far is a standalone single.
  6. "Lust For Death" by Choke, off their coming record Desiphon due out September 16.
  7. "Decider" by City Of Caterpillar, off their coming record Mystic Sisters due out September 30.

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