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CHELSEA GRIN Puddle Stomps Into A Breakdown In Their "Hostage" Music Video

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Chelsea Grin just released their brand new music video and single "Hostage" and it's an instant classic. Not because the song is anything especially notable, but because of the moment in the video itself at 0:24. Chelsea Grin is about to drop into the a breakdown because this is Chelsea Grin, and vocalist Tom Barber accentuates the riff by full-on stomping in a giant puddle. Not some gentle stomp either. Barber lifts his leg as high as he can and straight curb stomps the puddle to let you know that yes, this is very heavy. Nothing quite says "mosh time" like viciously get all your clothes and shoes wet, right?

Chelsea Grin's new album Eternal Nightmare is out July 13 and the artwork has not yet been updated to be a screenshot of the puddle stomp. Which is the best moment of any music video in the past few years.

Posted by on June 1, 2018 at 1:46 pm

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