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Check Out Newsly Remastered Footage of GLASSJAW Playing in 1999

Live Footage

Check Out Newly Remastered Footage of GLASSJAW Playing in 1999

It looks great, sounds decent.

Concert footage magician hate5six is back with a newly remastered video of Glassjaw playing the Israel Community Center in Levittown, NY on January 2, 1999. Glassjaw playing their entire Coloring Book EP at The Forum in London on March 30, 2011 here.

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0:00 Motel of the White Locust
4:12 Majour
7:26 Harlem
10:32 Pretty Lush
13:47 Black Coffee
18:18 When One Eight Becomes Two Zeros
21:36 Star Above My Bed
25:04 Pink Roses and the Graveyard

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