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Celebrate BLACK FAST's New Album With A Killer New Song Called "Phantom I Am"

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Black Fast's new album Spectre Of Ruin is out today, just in case you were wondering what all that shrieking and riffing was off in the distance. In celebration of the album, Black Fast is premiering their new song and video "Phantom I Am" through us today. If you've been keeping with the band then you know what to expect – devastating thrash with vocals that'll give you a sore throat by default.

Here's what guitarist and vocalist Aaron Akin had to say.

"This track has some really dark and unique progressions, an interesting overall arrangement and a ripper solo. It's one of the songs that asks for the most repeat listens. Lyrically it sums up the overall theme and vibe of this record. Doused in the adipocere of extinction, the scorched husk peels, and the insect sings."

Go buy Spectre Of Ruin. Do it.

Posted by on July 13, 2018 at 11:28 am

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