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Carnifex 2023

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CARNIFEX Streams "Necromanteum", Announces New Album

As grim as you'd expect.

Carnifex is back once again with a new record Necromanteum due out October 6. Carnifex is now streaming the title track alongside a music video directed by Jim Louvau and Tony Aguilera.

As for the concept of Necromanteum, Nuclear Blast explains: "Decades ago, wealthy intellectuals began installing psychomanteum in their homes; a secret room completely filled with mirrors, or a single mirror, and in complete darkness, in order to speak to the dead in other dimensions, and gain their knowledge. It was often used as a healing tool to help dissolve grief, or considered a form of prophecy. Necromanteum presents the concept: what if you could use that kind of room to speak with death, itself? What secrets of the world could you uncover from a direct conversation with the grim reaper? Not a monster, but a fellow intellect.

Carnifex's Scott Ian Lewis further comments: "Necromanteum is a truly special album that all of us in the band already love. Spend some time in conversation with the other side of life, enter the Necromanteum…"

Pre-orders are available here.

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