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CANCER BATS Streams Unreleased Track "Weird Punx"

Another way to break out of jail.

Cancer Bats is now streaming their Psychic Jailbreak B-side "Weird Punx". The song comes alongside a music video and is currently available as a standalone Flexi disc on the band's website here. As for the track, it's pretty punk! But in that crunchy Cancer Bats ways – hence the name of the song.

"We decided to save 'Weird Punx' for its own separate release because we felt it was a strong stand alone track that really tells its own story," said Cancer Bats of the single. "Psychic Jailbreak is an album about where things are heading and expanding our ideas, whereas 'Weird Punx' is very much where we came from and what started us on this journey. The track is about growing up in a small town, where you and all your friends just hang out and dream about one day getting out and seeing the world.

"The photo for the single is of Jaye and I at a punk show in the late 90s, just young kids not knowing that 20 years later we would be living out our punk dreams that we talked about while skateboarding in parking lots. It is very cool to look back at us being friends when we were teenagers and then meeting Mikey a few years later and that we are all still making music and being the 'Weird Punx' we've always been."

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