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BUSHIDO CODE Slows Down With New Song "Aftermath"

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BUSHIDO CODE Slows Down With New Song "Aftermath"

Pennsylvania-based metal squadron Bushido Code is here to today to slow things down and really bring forth the riffs. The band is now streaming their new single "Aftermath", which they said is about robbing yourself of a good future.

"Our new release The Ronin is a sequel to our Dying Virtues Volume I and II EPs. The song 'Aftermath' is a look into the future as I look in the mirror at the same time. When we lose respect for the planet we live on, for each other and we let greed decide our future, we are just robbing our future. The Ronin, Da Shi, is here to hold us all accountable!!!!"

Bushido Code will release their new album The Ronin on April 16, which tells the story of Da Shi, a Ronin Samurai who has traveled through time. Pre-orders are available here.

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