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Buckle Up in the "Backseat" for New Music Video from Pakistani Proggers TAKATAK

Last year, Pakistani djent/prog metallers Takatak blew me away with their tantalizing album, Acrophase. Borrowing elements from Tesseract, Periphery, and Animals as Leaders, the material certainly fit in the modern and thriving djent/progcore scene, however the Lahore-based act was nonetheless able to carve out their own distinct style of virtuosic musicianship and earworm melodies. The record even landed in my favorites of 2020 list as well as Corinne's list too.

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While I'm still hooked on the aforementioned LP, the band is proving their prolificity with a surprise new single. "Backseat" unveils the next step for the group as their usual prog tendencies are condensed into a straight-forward metalcore banger drenched in syncopated rhythms, catchy verses, and an overall captivating quality. Check out the music video for the new single now.

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