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BRODEQUIN Announces First Record In 20 Years, Streams Brutal New Single "Of Pillars And Trees"

As brutal as they've ever been.

Brodequin is back after 20 years with a new record dubbed Harbinger Of Woe due out March 22, and a new single "Of Pillars And Trees" streaming right now. The single comes alongside a music video by Matti Way with From The North Films. As for the song itself, it's the Tennessee trio showcasing their ability to be as brutal as ever, even two decades out from their last record.

"This song finds its inspiration in the historical practices that involved the utilization of trees for the purpose of torture and execution," said bassist and vocalist Jamie Bailey. "Among the myriad methods employed, a prominent example was the affixing of an individual to a pillar, or, more commonly, a tree trunk through the use of long iron nails."

"The creation process for 'Pillars' started out much like any other Brodequin track," added guitarist Mike Bailey. "It wasn't until the mid-section came together that it began to diverge. I wanted to slow things down a bit but add some depth with multiple guitar tracks instead of just droning a single riff. As the layers were being written, I kept hearing a synth pattern in my head. But instead of using an actual synth, I recreated what I was hearing on my guitar, using plenty of reverb and delay to get the tone as close to what I was imagining as possible."

Harbinger Of Woe is available for pre-order here.

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