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They certainly are destruction.

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Bring Forth The Death Metal With I AM DESTRUCTION's "Violence Devours"

They certainly are destruction.

I Am Destruction is releasing their brand new EP Violence Devours on March 9 and we're giving you all the title track today! Mainly so you can mosh whatever building you're in directly into the ground, but also maybe because you're just a fan of death metal. Here's what the band had to say about the release and music video, which was done by Paul McGuire of Obscenery Films. The video and song also feature Lunaform vocalist Andrew Patterson.

"We are excited how the video came out for our EP title track, “Violence Devours.” We recorded in a closed of parking lot behind our jam room. It was the perfect setting for our first video. Paul Mcguire ( is an amazing and professional videographer, and everyone should work with him. We were also fortunate to get Ernie Jaramillo to come and set the tone with his lighting company. Buddy, Paul, Richie, and I (Stephen), are really pleased with the product. Our EP “Violence Devours” is set to release 3-9-18 and it features art by Rudi Gorgingsuicide, a guest vocal by Andrew Patterson (Lunaform and featured in video), and 5 tracks that were very well recorded, mixed, and mastered by Russell Hollar. We hope you enjoy the video, and check out our EP 3-9-18 on Itunes, Amazon, Spotify, and more."

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