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BLOODYWOOD Combines Nü-Grooves With Indian Folk On New Song "Aaj"

Metal with the dhol and tumbi? Awesome.

Bloodywood is now streaming their new single "Aaj." The single combines some heavy nü-grooves with traditional Indian folk instruments like the dhol, a melancholic flute, and the single stringed tumbi. Bloodywood also employs English lyrics in the verses and Hindi/Punjabi lyrics in the choruses, making for an excellent bi-lingual banger.

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"The decision to be bilingual, vocally speaking, was a natural one that we didn't really think about," said Bloodywood on the bi-lingual approach. "It just felt like the way to go, and it definitely adds a different dimension to our sound. We're happy to share that people feel the emotion and understand the sentiment even if they don't speak the language (though we did get requests for translations and subtitles, which you'll find in all our songs now).

"The moment we knew that beyond a doubt was when we played a sold out show in Paris and had an amazing audience of French people sing the chorus back at us in perfect Hindi. They were so loud and clear that we couldn't hear Jayant!"

Bloodywood will release Rakshak on February 18. Pre-orders are available here in the US and here in Europe.

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