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BLOODBATH's Classic "Eaten," But About Petting Cats Instead

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BLOODBATH's Classic "Eaten," But It's About Petting Cats Instead

My only wish is to have kittens.

We've all heard Bloodbath's classic track "Eaten" from their 2004 record Nightmares Made Flesh. The song features vocalist Dan Swanö professing his desire to be eaten in graphic detail, which explains title. Now YouTuber strohundso is here with a much nicer cover of the song completely reimagined to be about petting (not eating) kittens.

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"This is a vocal cover of the song 'Eaten' by Bloodbath," said strohundso. "But to make it more fun, I decided to write my own lyrics, with similar rhymes and rhythm as the original. I thought of a word that sounds similar to 'eaten'. So 'kittens' came to mind. Stupid enough to work. Who doesn't like kittens? I like the mix of death metal and cute animals."

strohundso notes that he used Tyler Blackburne's instrumental version of "Eaten" that you can check out here. As for actual Bloodbath, they'll release their new record Survival Of The Sickest on September 9. Check out the debut single "Zombie Inferno" here.

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