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Blind Oath

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BLIND OATH Celebrates All Things Heavy Metal With New "Blind Oath" Video

Raise your horns.

Blind Oath is here to inject some heavy fucking metal into your day with their new music video for "Blind Oath"… off the record also named Blind Oath. Noticing a theme here? It was intentional, and we're into it.

"With 'Blind Oath' from the album Blind Oath; Blind Oath seek to join the esteemed ranks of Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden and Motörhead as an "X" by the band X off the album X outfit," wrote Blind Oath guitarist Mitchell Gilliam. "This is our rallying cry; an anthem that begs all who hear it to take the Blind Oath and be shown the light within the reality-bending and life-saving truth of Heavy Fucking Metal. We also love Mercyful Fate, and hope this song makes that clear."

Blind Oath (the album) features guest spots from Cirith Ungol vocalist Tim Baker, guitarist Russell Moore, and the mysterious The Phantom Of The Quarters on organ. Now go ahead and listen to (and buy) Blind Oath right here.

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