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BEWITCHER Goes Full On Heavy Metal With "Valley of Ravens"

Rhythmic, furious and fierce, Bewitcher have blended speed with thrash and black metal nuance for a sound that is 100% made for headbanging. "Valley of the Ravens" comes from their upcoming album Cursed Be Thy Kingdom, out April 16. "Valley of the Ravens" seamlessly blends the past with the present, by embracing the foundational elements of heavy metal that made our genre, while genre blending in a way that is completely present day.

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Vocalist & guitarist M. von Bewitcher comments:  "In the burning times, tried and convicted for her crimes of black magic, a witch is sent to her demise in the dreaded wastelands where the scavenger birds make their home. Awash in atmosphere and dark bluesy energy, 'Valley of the Ravens' is a tale of death, rebirth and eternal vengeance."

Pre-Order Cursed Be Thy Kingdom HERE.

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