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Bassist Adds Way More Groove To Classic Bill O'Reilly's WE'LL DO IT LIVE!" Rant

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There are two undeniable facts about what you're going to see in this video – former Fox News employee Bill O'Reilly's viral "We'll do it live" rant is still exactly as insane as it's always been, and MonoNeon is stupid good at bass. So why not combine the two into an oddly fitting, extremely well-done jazzy version of the rant?

Sure, it doesn't have drums like the Pepe Silvia freakout video did, but MonoNeon's melody and Bill O'Reilly's voice just work so well together, it almost makes Papa Bear tolerable. Check out some other recent mashups of this nature, including a guitarist perfectly recreating a Japanese politician's meltdown and some siqq bass grooves set to Trump saying "China"

Posted by on April 25, 2017 at 11:36 am

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