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ARCHSPIRE's DEAN LAMB Explains How Touring Cost Over $150,000 Before Even Hitting The Road

They still turned a profit.

Archspire recently hit the road with Whitechapel and it got pretty expensive, pretty quickly. Archspire guitarist Dean Lamb broke it all down in a really interesting video above, giving insight to those who might not be familiar with the world of touring. Lamb also provides a breakdown of where all the money went, which is:

  • Work visa – $2,500
  • Vehicle rental – $24,150
  • Fuel estimate – $8,100
  • Crew – $21,500
  • Flights – $5,200
  • Rehearsal space – $900
  • Lighting – $1,900
  • Merchandise – $90,000
  • Other (Agent fees, etc.) – $7,450

Despite the cost being so damn high, Lamb assures fans that Archspire made a profit on the tour!

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"Some things to keep in mind here: Not all these expenses needed to be paid up front," said Lamb in a comment. "Most are invoiced, which means we had 30 days to complete payment.

"We ended up only using our merch guy for the first week, and switched out to sell our own stuff. We wanted to connect with fans more during the tour. We did profit from this tour, I don't want anyone thinking that we came home in massive debt.

"The merch bill is huge, yes. But all leftover merch goes onto our online store, and we benefit from that. It's actually a great system. If you have any questions please ask away!"

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