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Appeal To Authority
Photo by Stan Martell

Music Videos

APPEAL TO AUTHORITY Drops Proggy New Single "Black Aura"

In the vein of bands like Tool and Wheel.

Appeal To Authority recently released their new EP Black Aura, and is now streaming the music video for the title track created alongside Thomas Crane. You'll especially dig this if you're a fan of bands like Tool and Wheel.

"When it came time to write and record the lyrics for this, over eight minutes of music we had constructed, I chose a subject matter that I was dealing with personally and that had a great effect on me," said vocalist, guitarist, and keyboardist Larry Schroeder. "A close-to-home murder left me feeling many different and uncharted emotions in which family members, neighbors, and the community found themselves shockingly trying to make sense of it all.

"'Black Aura' helped me process and deal with all of this and is a representation of the events that took place. A portrayal of pure unnecessary evil and darkness that this world endures. Teaming up once again with Thomas Crane of Kill Devil Films (Saliva, Todd La Torre) brought out the imagery that matches and fits the narrative."

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