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Elwood Francis

Live Footage

Anyway, Here's ZZ TOP's Bassist Playing A 17-String Bass Live

Dude's about to start a tech death band.

ZZ Top frontman Billy Gibbons has sported some extremely interesting guitars over the years, but now bassist Elwood Francis is taking a crack at absurdity. Watch as Francis took the stage on November 5 in Hunstville, AL to play "Got Me Under Pressure" with a gargantuan 17-string bass.

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Honestly, I'm not sure what's more impressive here – the fact that Francis is actually playing the monstrosity and this isn't just some goofy "hey look at this" moment, or the fact that he's walking around like he's not toting what has to be a very, very heavy instrument.

So why does Francis even own such an insane instrument? In a comment to Ultimate Classic Rock, Francis said "I was doing night internet searching [and] turned up a picture of this crazy 17 string bass. I sent a picture to Billy and we laughed about it and made some jokes about actually trying to use it." Francis added that Gibbons later showed up to practice with it one day, and here we are.

Anyway, Francis is available for hire to play in your technical death metal band.

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