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Anyway, Here's SANGUISUGABOGG Tearing It Up In Philadelphia

Courtesy of the prolific hate5six.

Sanguisugabogg brought the filthy, downtuned death metal to the masses at the The First Unitarian Church in Philadelphia, PA on May 16. If you're in the mood to relive that show, or you just wanna get completely wrecked today, then check out the full show above thanks to the prolific hate5six (and whose Patreon can be found here).

The show ran as follows and even included a guest appearance by Jesus Piece vocalist Aaron Heard on the song "Dragged By A Truck."

  1. "Gored in the Chest"
  2. "Dragged By a Truck"
  3. "Uningest"
  4. "Turkish Blood Orgy"
  5. "Necrosexual Deviant"
  6. "Feening for Bloodshed"
  7. "Hungry for Your Insides"
  8. "Pissed"

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