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chester bennington linkin park
Photo credit: Tom Preston

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…make it stop.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is coming and will likely cause loads of issues within the music industry. Though much like anything else, there's also a lighter side to it. YouTuber AI Remixes has taken Slipknot's famous ballad "Snuff" and used the technology to reimagine it with the late and great Chester Bennington on vocals. It's pretty cool, but it's also pretty creepy to hear someone's voice who has been gone for few years now. Doubly so singing a song we all know he never sang.

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So is this entertaining? Sure. But as AI gets better, is this also going to become a problem? It already has! Look no further than the smash streaming hit "Heart On My Sleeve" featuring an AI version of Drake that neither the artist himself nor his label approved.

I guess what I'm getting at is this – things like this are interesting, but we're only at the base of the mountain here when it comes to its impact. I'm also very much of the persuasion that maybe we should just let the dead stay dead, and not create replicas of them digitally. Too weird, too uncomfortable, and disrespectful.

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