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ALLEGAEON Covers RUSH's "Subdivisions" And Stays True To The Prog Gods

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ALLEGAEON Covers RUSH's "Subdivisions" And Stays True To The Prog Gods

This is how you cover a song.

Hearing that a metal band is covering any non-metal song these days is immediately worrisome. The covers usually consist of misplaced growling and boring-ass blasting, right up to any identifiable chorus or passage so you know it's still that song. Then it's back down into the murky waters of unoriginal drek, repeat ad nauseam until the timer mercifully runs out.

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Allegaeon's cover of "Subdivision" by Rush is the proverbial ship that sails with ease above the murky waters, letting it be known that a metal band can, in fact, produce a fantastic cover song. Allegaeon employs its nearly-unfair musical talents to stick close to the original without losing the band's sonic signature, while frontman Riley McShane's clean vocals sit comfortably on top. It's perfect, and a great way to end the band's upcoming album Proponent for Sentience.

Pre-order Proponent for Sentience here before its September 23 release date.

German fans, if you can't view the video above, check it about below…

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