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ALL ELSE FAILS "Antimartyr" Music Video Will Aurally Punch You In The Face

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ALL ELSE FAILS "Antimartyr" Music Video Will Aurally Punch You In The Face

All Else Fails' official music video for "Antimartyr" from their 2013 album Fucktropolis. Keep up with All Else Fails as they have a new album in the works.

Guitar/Vocalist Barrett Klesko checks in:
"It's been a long road since we released Fucktropolis almost 4 years ago, and since then we have been in almost constant member changeover hell. Some of it was good, like bringing back original drummer Ryan Biggs, but some, like losing our long time bassist Seedy Mitchell was much harder. We have a new bass player, the new album written and in pre production and it is sounding fresh and awesome, but it was important to us to release Antimartyr as a full single first. With that, it wouldn't have felt right with Mitch's voice coming out of the new guy’s mouth in the video, so we talked him into coming back for one last project, and I'm really happy with the turnout, it seems like a great way to send off an album that treated us so well, and move on to the next grand adventure. Hopefully one that won't take us another 4 years to follow up. – Barrett Klesko"

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