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Alive At Midnight

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ALIVE AT MIDNIGHT Brings The High-Energy Punk On "Dead End Rollercoaster"

Very Motörhead-ish.

Alive At Midnight is no streaming their very Motörhead-esque new single "Dead End Rollercoaster." If you're looking for a sleazy punk rock jam with plenty of rock-heavy twists and turns, then this one is for you.

"'Dead End Rollercoaster' is a contrast of many things. It's about doing the same shit and expecting a different outcome. Insanity personified. It's about the rat race and what a joke that is. It's about relationships, losing yourself to constant distraction and the instant gratification of reckless abandon. It's about all of us," said guitarist Miggs Auer.

"Dead End Rollercoaster" is available here and here on Bandcamp.

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