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A PERFECT CIRCLE Reveal New Song "Feathers" Live At Las Vegas Show

A Perfect Circle performed a new song for the first time ever, reportedly titled "Feathers" during their performance at the Pearl Concert Theater at the Palms Casino Resort In Las Vegas, NV. ThePRP notes that security was tight about video, so don't expect better live footage than this. If nothing else, the audio sounds pretty good, and gives you a good idea of what the song will sound like.

In an interview with Tulsa Voice, guitarist Billy Howerdel revealed he and frontman Maynard James Kennan are writing new material for the band separately:

"So far I've just been working by myself. Literally, been in my room with no one else around working on these songs. I send mixes off to Maynard on a server and he's been working on them in his isolation. Then we're going to get together next month and combine where we're holding these ideas, then get in a room and get with the band, play them in a live setting and see what happens with the human element that comes into the picture."

"He's sending me down different paths and has asked me to take out my scissors and cut them into different shapes and paste them back on a page. We can be in the same room but we just happen to be communicating about the same track — just in different parts of the country."

Howerdel noted this was similar to the process for their previous releases. The band signed a new deal with BMG earlier this month, with a release later this year expected.

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"I've got three bands that need to write songs, so I'm going to be doing that."