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3TEETH Endorse "President X" In Hauntingly Accurate New Music Video

The lizard people are taking over, in the glorious new video from industrial metal purveyors 3Teeth. Their killer new video for their track "President X" is full of crunchy riffs and subversive political imagery. These guys really nail the aesthetic and visuals of what a cool industrial band should be like. And, the music kills too – so that's always great.

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"As the administration pendulum swings back and forth in our bi-partisan shit show, you basically get a new leader who comes in with the goal of undoing what the last guy did, continuing this cycle of futility," frontman Alexis Mincolla tells Revolver. "It's like one of those TV shows that just keeps going on season after season, walking you in circles by throwing in new hackneyed characters and the same trite notions of conflict but in reality the story has no arc and no resolution and by the time the season finale comes, oh and it will come, you're going to look back on it go holy fuck I want my money back… and no I'm not talking metaphorical money, I'm talking about your actual tax dollars that funded a hot trash show."

3TEETH's next album, Metawar, is out July 5th.

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Music Videos

It was filmed at the Wasteland Weekend festival in the Mojave Desert.