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Your SEPULTURA Tattoo Could Be The Artwork For The Band's Next Song

You can't have one of the band's early lineup though.

You can't have one of the band's early lineup though.

Sepultura has been a band for thirty years now, but you knew that already because we're sponsoring a really sweet tour all about it. Arsis will be there, Destruction will be there, Necropha– no wait. I lied about that last one. In replacement for the absence of the latter, Sepultura will be dropping a new song! Even better, if you've got some kind of Sepultura ink on your skin, it can be the artwork for the new single!

"We wrote a new song that expresses the respect and love we have for [all our fans], and the support we received during the last 30 years was overwhelming. No band has better fans like we have. We are still here doing what we do because of you! Lovers and haters alike, we are all one big family and we thank you! So, we will need your help once again!

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"If you have a Sepultura tattoo on your skin, that tattoo can be on the artwork of our new release.

"Starting today, March 9th, 2015, you can send your picture to this address: [email protected]. You have 'till March 17th, 2015 to submit your tattoo photo so don’t waste your time. It is going to be an historical release and you have to be a part of this, show the artwork on your skin and the passion you have for Sepultura."

The group adds: "Note: Sending the photo is automatically authorizing the use of the image. Also, the photos might be used on the upcoming Sepultura official documentary, a production of Interface Filmes, Brazil."

Word right now is that the song is called "Under My Skin," which makes sense because tattoos do that… y'know, that really isn't al that clever. You've got until mid-March to make yourself a part of the band's history though! It's like Slayer, but a few decades late. Here's hoping the song makes up for it!

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