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TOOL Are Taking An Old-School Approach To Recording Their New Album

Tool do things their way.

Tool do things their way.

You probably heard the news by now that Tool is finally in the studio working on their new album. While the band is typically pretty cryptic and secretive, it seems guitarist Adam Jones has taken a liking to Instagram, and posting some video on there.

Late last night, Jones posted a video showing drummer Danny Carey and (I believe) producer/engineer Joe Barresi turning some dials and then another slide that showed a 2"analog tape recording, showing the band is taking a decidedly old-school approach to recording.

Most recordings are done all digital, but Tool has always been averse to the digital "revolution." Their catalog is one of the few lone hold outs on streaming or download services. That's right, if you want to hear Tool's music, you have to buy it on a CD. Most of the music is available for streaming on Youtube, although those were all fan uploads monetized by their label. Tool has not authorized any streaming of their music, and we all know how Maynard feels about cell phones.

But, the bright side here is they are all systems go, as they've promised. It seems like the band is trudging through the music, and hopefully will be done recording next month. If mixing and mastering doesn't take too long, we could be hearing new music by the fall, which seems pretty wild to think about.

[via The PRP]

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