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THE HALO EFFECT (Ex-IN FLAMES) Teasing New Single For Next Week

Sounds like it'll rule.

The Halo Effect 2021

The Halo Effect has begun teasing their third single "Days Of The Lost" for April 13. If the single is anything like the first two we've heard, then we're in for something seriously killer. Especially given the below teaser – those riffs!

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For those unaware, The Halo Effect is:

  • Guitarist Jesper Strömblad, who was in the band between 1990 and 2010
  • Guitarist Niclas Engelin, who was in the band between 1997 and 1998, and then again from 2011 until now (but hasn't played with In Flames live since 2019)
  • Bassist Peter Iwers, between 1997 and 2016
  • Drummer Daniel Svensson, between 1998 and 2015
  • Vocalist Mikael Stanne, who was In Flames' live vocalist in 1994 and performed on both Lunar Strain and Subterranean. Stanne has since found great success with Dark Tranquillity

If you haven't checked out The Halo Effect, you really need to do that below. They're incredible, especially if you yearn for the days of early In Flames.

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