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TEAM SLEEP Invites You To Watch Them Record Their New Record (For $500)

You're getting sleepy… very sleepy.

You're getting sleepy... very sleepy.

Team Sleep, the band which notably contains Deftones vocalist Chino Moreno and ex-Death Grips drummer Zach Hill, has largely been inactive since their excellent self-titled debut album in 2005. There were always rumblings of a second album and mention of it by band members, but nothing substantial ever surfaced. So almost ten years later, the band announced their return in a big way. Not only are they writing a new record, but they've invited you personally to come be a part of the whole thing (as long as you're willing to shill out $500 for the experience). The whole event gets explained really well in a below statement made by the group.

“Dear friends,

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Please join us as we create our next record in Woodstock, New York. We’ll gather at Applehead studio, near the base of the Catskill mountains to eat, write, play and record. For a long time, business people, logistics, careers, adulthood, families and the House Republicans have thwarted us, but we’ve continued to make music. At the same time, the creative process has become increasingly fragmented and dehumanized.

With that in mind, we’re very excited to get together with our dear friends, hang out, play music and have a unique experience in a beautiful place. We’d like you to be there, too. Your participation will be essential to the independent creation and release of the live performance and our forthcoming studio record; we look forward to seeing you."

Hell yeah! The event will take place over the course of one weekend in October (17 and 18)! Also, it's going to cost you $500. Not that that isn't going to get you some sweet stuff! The ticket, which you can snag here, will get you…

  • A hooded sweatshirt with a design which will not be sold outside of this event ( please include your size).
  • Silk-screened posters hand made by the band and signed.
  • A CD featuring previously unreleased music.
  • A listening party to hear new material the band is working on.
  • A local, gourmet meal with the band provided Sunfrost Farms.
  • An in-studio experience with question and answer session as the band works on and records new songs.
  • A live performance featuring new and old songs.
  • Limited run vinyl of the audio from the live recordings.
  • A digital download of the audio from the live recordings.
  • A digital download of the video from the event.

So if you're a super fan, get on that! At the very least it'll be a relaxing vacation for a weekend in the mountains and at the very most, you get to watch a bunch of really creative people work.

[via The PRP]

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