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SYSTEM OF A DOWN Bassist's Project With WU-TANG CLAN's RZA To Drop An Album This Year

No nu-metal though! Just killer rap.

No nu-metal though! Just killer rap.

Achozen is a project featuring System of a Down bassist Shavo Odadjian and Wu-Tang Clan rapper RZA. Over the past nine years the group has had guests like George Clinton, Wu-Tang's GZA, and Red Hot Chili Peppers' former guitarist John Frusciante, yet it really hasn't done much of anything by way of an album. For example, here's a track from 2009 that is pretty damn good!

Technically last week the group dropped a few new tunes, but the only way you can hear them is on a pre-loaded Boombotix boom box… which is not the best way to get your music heard by a lot of people, though the exclusivity is clearly working because we're talking about it.

Now Odadjian, in a recent interview with Pigeons and Planes, has revealed that a new album is definitely coming this year!

We have 15 songs mastered, 10 more that could become tracks with other lyricists on it. It’s been nine years in the making, and this is the year you get it. We never put two and two together as to why this year is so important for it to put it out.

It’s just two friends making music, becoming best friends. We didn’t have to make a record, we just found each other and it just happened. RZA helped me make my first beat, and he rhymed over it, and that made the Babylon A.D. soundtrack. That first track was very raw and unmixable, but it’s so anthemic. After that, I started learning how to make tracks. It was a process, but once you stop learning you’re dead. And then RZA started learning guitar and we were off, jamming in the studio.

With the guests we mentioned before, more I'm sure and the fact that this has been stewing so long could mean that we're in for a pretty killer record this year! Both dudes know what they're doing in terms of composing music, and what little we've heard has been cool, so why not? Maybe one of our favorite records this year could be a kickass rap album.

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