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SUNN O))) Is Kicking Around New Riffs At Home

They're figuring it out.

Sunn O 2021
Photo by Ronald K. Dick

Sunn O))) guitarist Greg Anderson recently sat down with Anthony Fantano of The Needle Drop for an extensive interview that covered everything from their collaboration with Scott Walker in 2014 to the philosophy behind the band's music. During the interview, Anderson mentioned that he's been writing and recording new riffs at home during the pandemic and sending them off to fellow Sunn O))) guitarist Stephen O'Malley. Anderson pointed out that they're just starting to try and figure out the direction of the new record, and who (if anyone else) will be involved.

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"As far as Sunn O))) goes, I don't know. We're kind of in a position right now where we're like, starting to discuss what we're gonna do next and we're really in the early stages of ideas. Actually, I've done a lot of – you know, since COVID or whatever – have done a lot of home recording. Which is something honestly that I'd really never did in the past. It was always to me, my musical output and what I did musically was in a room with people, and I never really did a lot of practicing or you know, home recording or 4-track recording or any of that stuff at all, ever.

"But I got a digital 8-track recorder for Christmas in 2019, and I was like 'you know what? I'm gonna finally teach myself how to use a recording device and record some of my ideas,' you know? And I started doing that and I really enjoyed it. Now I'm totally into it, making noise and sounds and recording them and demos, basically. So I just started doing that, coming up with ideas for Sunn O)))."

Sunn O))) released their live album Metta, Benevolence BBC 6Music : Live on the invitation of Mary Anne Hobbs in November 2021. Check that out here, and check out the full interview below. It's really interesting!

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