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Rob Halford Says There's "Definitely A New JUDAS PRIEST Album On The Way"

Posted by on March 11, 2019 at 11:00 am

Judas Priest's 2018 record Firepower was really well-received by both fans and the metal media alike. Not to rest on that album's success and just tour the rest of their career, vocalist Rob Halford tells May The Rock Be With You there's "definitely a new Priest album on the way" and that there's no indication of slowing down as a band.

"I would say much of the same. The fact is, Priest is on a roll and we're on fire with this music and the reaction, the support from our fans and everybody is what gives you that thought of, 'What would happen if we wrote another song? Then another song? Then an album? We might as well go out and tour again.'

It's a lot of things combined that really still keep us active and keep us to what's next to be done. Each Priest album, if you think about it, is by definition, has its own character and sound. British Steel is light years away from Painkiller, which is light years away from Stained Class, which is light years away from Sad Wings Of Destiny and Sin After Sin and on and on and on."

That's part of the intriguing part of Priest. We're always looking for a different kind of tilt to what we're about as a band in the next project of songs we're going to release. We're already thinking about that now. We had a meeting in the U.K. just before we came to Australia about planning the foreseeable future and I would say there's definitely a new Priest album on the way."

Judas Priest has stated in the past that guitarist Glenn Tipton will contribute to new material despite his Parkinson's diagnosis. Filling in for Tipton live has been famed producer Andy Sneap. Sneap also produced, mixed and mastered Firepower.

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