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METALLICA Working On New Material, Rick Rubin To Produce Again

Posted by on April 26, 2011 at 12:00 pm

One of the by-products of this weekend's Big 4 show in California is that the bands did a ton of press with some interesting tidbits to come out of them. For the most part, Robert Trujillo handled most of the Metallica interviews (because what else is he doing, right?) and he did manage to give us some dirt on what the future holds for the kings of thrash. He mentioned the band has been writing a ton of riffs and plan to enlist Rick Rubin and his engineer Greg Fidelman once again to work on their upcoming release. Death Magnetic was the best album the band has released in years so this is good news for us. Here is the full quote from their interview with 93.7 KCLB:

When asked if METALLICA will once again work with producer Rick Rubin on its follow-up to 2008's "Death Magnetic", Trujillo said, "Yeah. I love working with Rick. Rick, to me, he's sort of a Zen guru spirit that METALLICA needs right now. Not to say that we need it right now, 'cause we're getting along incredibly well, we're really excited to write some new music. There's no shortage of riffage in METALLICA world right now. And I think it's only gonna get better."

He continued, "The first album with Rick was also the first album for me, so in a lot of ways, you're kind of testing the water. Now that we're comfortable with Rick and his incredible engineer, Greg Fidelman, who worked with SLAYER, actually, on this last record — it's my hero — it's a great team. And it's only gonna better; I really believe that. So I'm super-excited."

He added, "I know that we've got another couple [of records] in us. And I think there's a demand. It seems like we've got some new fans, and they're waiting [for new music from METALLICA]."

[via Blabbermouth]

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