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METALLICA To Release Children's Book – The ABCs of METALLICA

Hey, do you want your kids to learn their ABCs while also learning about Metallica? Do you also want to do the same because you can't remember how the song goes or whatever? Then you're going to love The ABCs Of Metallica. The book, co-authored by Howie Abrams of The Merciless Book Of Metal Lists and drawn by Michael "Kaves" McLeer, is out on November 26 and pairs up each letter of the alphabet with a specific time in Metallica's history.

I assume they're going to refer to Metallica as The Black Album in the book, because then you'd have to prioritize Master Of Puppets and Metallica over one another. There's also the same issue for Ride The Lightning and Reload, but that's an easier choice. Pre-order the book for under $20 here before it hits shelves in November.

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