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MARILYN MANSON Offers New Details About His Next Album, Say10

Posted by on November 2, 2016 at 12:55 pm

We learned a few months ago that Marilyn Manson has a very clever title for his new album, Say10. You have to say it out loud to get the joke (get it – SAY 10… SATAN?!)

He gave some hints about the album to the Los Angeles Times in a recent interview. If you're saying to yourself that album title sounds like something a child would come up with, turns out Manson came up with it when he was a child:

“…My next album’s called “Say10,” like Satan. I found that title in my 12th-grade yearbook at Christian school. It goes back that far. The record is very political, socially and sexually. It deals with things I’ve talked about a lot but may not have sung enough. I work best when I combine imagery and words, rather than just words alone. Acting reminded me of that.”

When asked if the political topics relate to the current U.S. election, Manson said:

“It’s lyrically ambiguous. I wanted it to be something anyone could interpret. People hear songs that I think are angry as sexy. Or weird songs that I think are sexy as violent. This album, if it were blamed for any problems on life, I intentionally am asking for it because I think art needs to shake …[stuff] up. That’s what I‘ve always thought. I just needed a little reminder, and that was this [election].”

In previous interviews, Manson has said he hopes to have the album out on Valentine's Day, February 14, 2017. We'll keep you posted.

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