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KILLSWITCH ENGAGE And ANTHRAX Members Talk About Contributing To Game Of Thrones Mixtape

Dragons! Metal! Binge watching!

Dragons! Metal! Binge watching!

As we've previously reported, the people behind the smash hit television show Game of Thrones are putting out a mixtape and it's going to feature some sweet, exclusive music from Anthrax and Killswitch Engage. Other bands will be announced in the near future.

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Anthrax guitarist Scott Ian seems pretty excited about the whole thing from a fan perspective. H tells Kaaos TV the song being contributed is one the band had been working on for a while.

"It was a song we had already written. We didn't have time to start writing something brand new from scratch. We listened to all the material we had and made the decision. That one just… We all thought the same thing. Everybody listened to the demos and we all had the same idea that this one demo just sounded like that should be the song for 'Game Of Thrones', so it was a pretty easy decision. The lyrics weren't written yet, though — we only had the music — so then [the show producers] said you have to pick something about the show to write about. And, I'm not give it away now, but I got to write about exactly what I wanted to write about, so I was very happy about that. It was a really fun thing for me to do, because I'm such a massive fan of the show. So are Charlie [Benante, drums] and Frankie [Bello, bass] — they're really big fans. So it was just something really exciting that we got the call to do that. And we were, like, 'Yeah!' A lot of times you get calls for things, and it's kind of, like, 'Naaahhh. Just say no.' But this we were very excited about."

Meanwhile, Killswitch Engage vocalist Jesse Leach was asked about his contribution by Triple M. Leech says he never really watched the show but ended up binging on it. He also elaborates on the show's producers giving him prompts for the song and his not being used to having complete control.

"When we got asked to do it, I started doing my research and watching some of the stuff. And while I was writing the song, I didn't really know what I was talking about. But [the show producers] give you a concept, they give you key words that you should use and sort of give you a storyline. And it was fun for me to work in that capacity, 'cause I'm used to just coming up with stuff on my own off the spot. And they had a lot of cool trigger words, so it was interesting to see that come together. And then start to watch the show, and then have it turn into… like, once we were done with the song, and it was all said and done, I watched the entire four seasons in, like, a week. [Laughs] I became completely addicted and enthralled in it."

No word on when the mixtape will officially be release, but I expect it to be around late March, early April to coincide with the premiere of the show.

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